The NIF Molecular Imaging & Radiochemistry (MIR) Theme is a group of NIF Fellows, Directors, and users of NIF facilities that focus on state-of-the-art radiochemistry and molecular imaging applications using PET, SPECT, and MRI.

Integrating preclinical PET systems into a national resource requires the development of defined QA programs to monitor and integrate the data from individual systems. Hence, the MIR Theme initiated a national quality assurance (QA) program for the NIF preclinical PET instruments.

3D surface render of the phantom from the MRI

The first step in this national program is a pilot stage, which has successfully seen ten QA phantoms produced at the University of Queensland’s Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI). QLD Node Facility Fellow Dr Gary Cowin has led the creation, validation, and distribution of these phantoms to participating NIF sites at Monash, University of Melbourne, SAHMRI, and the University of Sydney/ANSTO. The Theme has developed a standardised method and process for validation, analysis, and central review, and expects the pilot stage to be finalised soon.

A photo of the in-house manufactured QA phantom

The next step in the national program is the expansion stage, in which additional phantoms will be distributed to all participating preclinical sites. The Theme is developing national platforms for the upload, storage, analysis and report generation for PET QA data, maximising the efficiency and integrity of PET data collection across Australia.

This national QA program expects to not only develop a cohesive quantitative validation program but also enhances collaborative partnerships for users of preclinical PET.

For more information, please contact the MIR Theme Chair Prof Andrew Scott or NIF Engagement Manager Dr Noni Creasey.