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Exploring Inner Space Connecting researchers with infrastructure, the National Imaging Facility (NIF) is an Australia-wide organisation providing state-of-the-art imaging capabilities GET IN TOUCH Exploring Inner Space NIF's grid of imaging facilities reaches across the nation, offering a range of leading-edge instrumentation and expertise to the Australian research community WHAT CAN NIF DO? Exploring Inner Space Established in 2007, the National Imaging Facility (NIF) is a $300m program of the Australian National Collaborative Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). WHAT IS NIF?

Application Themes

NIF provides state-of-the-art imaging capabilities for the imaging of human, animals, plants, and materials through three main themes of:

MRI of a berry cross-section showing segmentation
Animals, Plants & Materials Imaging 
Human Imaging
PET-CT image of rat
Molecular Imaging & Radiochemistry

Latest News

Development of Microbeam Radiation Therapy Research Projects Only two in ten people diagnosed with brain cancer will survive for at least five years, a figure that has... Continue Reading Creating a Lizard Brain Atlas Research Projects Until recently, reptilian evolutionary studies lacked an important resource – a lizard brain atlas. As the subject of numerous ecological... Continue Reading MR PET machine at UQ - close up in operation National Preclinical PET QA Exemplars, News The NIF Molecular Imaging & Radiochemistry (MIR) Theme is a group of NIF Fellows, Directors, and users of NIF facilities... Continue Reading Understanding Feto-Placental Vasculature Research Projects Proper vascular development of the human placenta is crucial for meeting the metabolic needs of the developing fetus during pregnancy.... Continue Reading An illustrative graphic with circular text reading Universities, Research institues, Research infrastructure, Industry, and Government agencies. Inside the circle is Tools, Technology, Relationships, People, and Knowledge, with Employing organisation at the centre. To the right is a list of economic impacts. Stimulating Economic Recovery through Research and Innovation News Victorian Government funding into the research ecosystem has delivered substantial economic impact and jobs according to a report released today. An investment of $8.5m by... Continue Reading Micro-CT of re-regeneration in lizard tails Research Projects Re-regeneration to reduce adverse effects associated with tail loss Caudal autotomy, the ability to drop and regenerate a portion of... Continue Reading PET training for HDR News From July 14 - 17, four CIBIT HDR students, Saikat Ghosh, Vanessa Soh, Pragalath Sadasivam and Ting Xiang Lim, attended... Continue Reading


Without the advanced imaging facilities supported by NIF, this project and a lot of other important and world-leading research would not be possible in Australia. These facilities give us a competitive edge that allows us to attract research investment from the USA and from international industry partners

Prof Christopher Rowe
Prof Christopher Rowe
Austin Health, 2017

I would absolutely recommend NIF services and resources to other researchers in my field. My overall experience was very positive, and I think these services could offer similar benefits to a breadth of researchers. The provided resources and expertise were not available anywhere else in the world, nor was there any substitute that could offer comparable support and capability.

Mr Dennis Dimond
Mr Dennis Dimond
PhD Candidate, University of Calgary
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