Exploring Inner Space Connecting researchers with infrastructure, the National Imaging Facility (NIF) is an Australia-wide organisation providing state-of-the-art imaging capabilities GET IN TOUCH Exploring Inner Space NIF's grid of imaging facilities reaches across the nation, offering a range of leading-edge instrumentation and expertise to the Australian research community WHAT CAN NIF DO? Exploring Inner Space Established in 2007, the National Imaging Facility (NIF) is a $300m program of the Australian National Collaborative Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). WHAT IS NIF? Exploring Inner Space Established in 2007, the National Imaging Facility (NIF) is a $300m program of the Australian National Collaborative Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). WHAT IS NIF?

Application Themes

NIF provides state-of-the-art imaging capabilities for the imaging of human, animals, plants, and materials through three main themes of:

MRI of a berry cross-section showing segmentation
Animals, Plants & Materials Imaging 
Human Imaging
PET-CT image of rat
Molecular Imaging & Radiochemistry

Latest News

Drawing of an inflammasome NIF is helping Inflazome in the development of drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease Exemplars, News Inflazome Ltd., a biotech start-up company founded in 2016, has been focusing on development of oral NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitors to address unmet clinical needs in a wide variety of inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. Inflazome was acquired in 2020 by Roche for EUR 380 million, highlighting the value of translational research activities. Studies undertaken at the QLD Node...... Continue Reading COVID-19 Research at LARIF: Using fluoroscopy for lung ventilation analysis Exemplars, News, Research Projects LARIF has teamed up with Australian biomedical company, 4DMedical, and University of Adelaide scientists Associate Professor David Parsons and Dr Martin Donnelly to address the COVID-19 crisis, through testing a novel ventilator, the now patented 4DMedical ‘XV technology’, and a large animal model of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Associate Professor David Parsons and Dr Martin...... Continue Reading PET scans of plants, showing sodium uptake from roots to leaves PET for Plants Research Projects Clinical PET/CT scanners deliver non-invasive, precise anatomical and functional imaging of the human body. Did you know the same systems have been used to investigate plants? A team of cross-disciplinary researchers at the University of Melbourne, University of Adelaide, and the University of British Columbia have teamed up to demonstrate the utility of clinical PET/CT scanners...... Continue Reading Open-Field PET News, Research Projects Understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate behaviour, memory, and reward-based learning has challenged neuroscientists for decades. Until recently, research into these fundamental mechanisms in the brain has relied on invasive or confounding methodologies, limiting studies of neurological disorders that affect behaviour and learning, such as depression, age-related neurodegeneration, and addiction. Brain Function and Behaviour in Freely...... Continue Reading MRI brain slices with regions highlighted showing changes between females with and without children - from PLOSOne Changes in the brain related to parenthood Exemplars, News, Research Projects The Cognitive Neuroimaging Team at Monash Biomedical Imaging have discovered changes in brain structure between parents and non-parents... Continue Reading Thomas Shaw awarded MND Fellowship News With no known cure and over 2,100 Australians living with motor neurone disease (MND), there is a growing urgency to understand, diagnose, and treat this debilitating neurological disease. MND is a group of conditions causing the nerves in the spine and brain to lose function over time. Although symptoms can be managed for some time to...... Continue Reading Appointment of Independent Board Chair News, Press Releases We are delighted to announce that Professor Margaret Harding has accepted the position as the next Independent Chair of the Board of the National Imaging Facility (NIF). Margaret Harding is an experienced Board Director and higher education Senior Executive. She is currently Board Chair of NSW Circular, non-Executive Director at SmartSat CRC, Professor Emeritus at the...... Continue Reading


Without the advanced imaging facilities supported by NIF, this project and a lot of other important and world-leading research would not be possible in Australia. These facilities give us a competitive edge that allows us to attract research investment from the USA and from international industry partners

Prof Christopher Rowe
Prof Christopher Rowe
Austin Health, 2017

I would absolutely recommend NIF services and resources to other researchers in my field. My overall experience was very positive, and I think these services could offer similar benefits to a breadth of researchers. The provided resources and expertise were not available anywhere else in the world, nor was there any substitute that could offer comparable support and capability.

Mr Dennis Dimond
Mr Dennis Dimond
PhD Candidate, University of Calgary
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