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Newsletter Issue Two 2018

CT Scan Turtle Egg


Welcome to Issue Two of 2018. This newsletter is full of things to celebrate – from the projects that help us to better understand the human brain to the valuable work that our community does, exemplified through awards and recognition.

Research Project
Uncoupling N-acetylaspartate from brain
pathology: implication for Canavan disease gene

National Collaboration
The first multi-centre study of Dementia at 7T ultrahigh
field MRI in Australia

Industry Project
Creating a Smart Lab: Automating data
collecting in real-time

• Enhancing Characterisation Tools
• Celebrating our community’s achievements
• NIF Annual Meeting 2018
• 2018 National Research Infrastructure
Investment Plan

9:13 am 24 Jul 2018

Newsletter, Issue One 2018

Headshield slug (Philine sp.) micro-CT

Imaging is changing not only the way medicine is done but brings new ways for us to see the world – past, present, and possibly future. In this issue, we highlight projects where imaging has not been a usual component. We hope you enjoy reading about NIF’s role in environmental research and our natural history!


Research Project

Dicom2Cloud – Developing a Graphical User Interface for Anonymizing and Uploading Clinical Brain Scans to an Image Processing Cloud Interface


National Cross-Capability Project

National Network of Trusted Data Repositories


International Collaboration

MRI Studies of Freezing in Cold Hardy Plants



  • Imaging Uncovers Internal Structure of Australian Treasures

10:58 am 3 Apr 2018

Newsletter, Issue Four 2017

NIF News

As 2017 comes to a close, we reflect on the year that has passed. This year has been an exciting one and so we look forward to 2018 where IMPACT becomes ones of our main focus areas. This issue is filled with how NIF has engaged with industry, both local and abroad.

Research Projects
– Analysing flow in rocks using combined PET & CT imaging – Dr Hung
– Using fMRI to understand more of the human brain – Prof Susan Rossell & Dr Matthew Hughes

International Collaborations
– An ontologically consistent MRI-based atlas of the mouse diencephalon – Dr Andrew Janke

Industry Engagement
– NIF Fellow participates in job shadowing program – Dr Kirk Feindel
– An award winning NIF Platform Technology Officer – Dr Gary Perkins
– e-Research conference
– Ausbiotech conference

10:26 am 14 Dec 2017

Newsletter, Issue Three 2017

NIF News

Welcome to the National Imaging Facility’s third newsletter for 2017! This issue highlights NIF’s interest and expertise in ecology.


Industry Collaborations
• Construction & destruction of coral reefs in a changing ocean


Industry Project
• 3D printing brings the dead back to ‘life’


International Collaborations
• White matter measures in HIV patients
• Molecular imaging of activated platelets via antibody-targeted ultra-small dual-contrast iron oxide nanoparticles


• Imagine Symposium
• Core Facilities Showcase
• Annual Animal Imaging Workshop

12:11 pm 18 Oct 2017

Newsletter, Issue Two 2017


NIF News

Welcome to National Imaging Facility Newsletter! The second issue of the year includes articles on some of the collaborations at NIF as well as news update:


Industry Project

  • Are War Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury or PTSD at Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Later Life?


Research Project

  • Open-Field PET: A System For Simultaneous Brain PET and Behavioural Response Measurements in Unrestrained Laboratory Rats


International Collaboration

  • The Uncovered Toxins in Fang Blenny Fish Venom Could Pave the Way for New Medications



  • Networking within NIF
  • Industry Engagement
  • STEM Outreach


12:59 pm 3 Jul 2017

Newsletter, Issue One 2017


NIF News

Welcome to the 2017’s first issue of National Imaging Facility Newsletter!

In this issue, you will learn about some of the recent industry collaborations, research projects, and a quick review of NIF’s achievements and outcomes in 2016!

Industry Collaborations

  • Elucidating brain structure and connectivity in extinct and endangered Australian animals
  • Colon Cancer Characterisation


Research Projects

  • Assessing regional lateralisation of language function in the human brain
  • Neuroimaging Phenotypes in Zebrafish



  • 2016 in Review

3:48 pm 31 Mar 2017

NIF Quarterly, Q4 2016


NIF News

Welcome to the 2016’s last issue of National Imaging Facility Newsletter! In this issue, you will learn about:

Industry Project

  • Oil and Gas Industry Borrows Magnetic Resonance Imaging


International Collaborations

  • Insight into Myocardial Infarction – a Leading Cause of Heart Failure
  • Introducing PhysIO – a New Open-Source Toolbox for Modelling Physiological Noise in Functional MRI


Research Project

  • Detecting Brain Connectivity Changes in Patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder



  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Health Minister Visits UQ Node of NIF

3:14 pm 16 Dec 2016

NIF Quarterly, Q3 2016


NIF News

In the third issue of NIF Newsletter you can read about how imaging is able to validate different animal models of disease, from diabetes to trauma, and how it can improve education and learning environment for students.


Industry Collaborations

  • Investigating the Impact of Diabetes Treatment
  • Novel Tractography to Detect Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries


Education & Training Project

  • Putting a new dimension into student learning


Research Project

  • Stem Cells to Cure Disc Degeneration



  • Upcoming Events
  • ‘Scientists in Schools’
  • Premier’s Science Awards

12:05 pm 30 Sep 2016

NIF Quarterly, Q2 2016


NIF News

This issue of NIF Newsletter highlights some of the interactions between NIF capability and the end-users from industry and academia. It also updates you with the latest news and both internal and external networking activities from the last quarter.


Industry Project

  • Imaging to Rescue National Wine & Grape Industry


Industry Collaborations

  • Functional Connectivity of the Brain in Anorexia Nervosa
  • Monitoring Prostate Tumor Growth Using 3D Ultrasound


Research Project

  • Visualisation and Characterisation of Feto-placental Vasculature



  • New Imaging System Launched at Monash Biomedical Imaging
  • Global BioImaging Project
  • NIF Networking

2:31 pm 11 Jul 2016

NIF Quarterly, Q1 2016


NIF News

In this issue of NIF Newsletter, you will read about NIF’s collaborations with other NCRIS capabilities and a few industry partners. You will also be updated with NIF’s recent research activities and the news from last quarter.

NCRIS Collaboration

  • ImageTrove – Imaging Data Management Tool


Industry Collaborations

  • Revolutionary bionic spine made by Melbourne scientists (UMelb Node)
  • Serial DXA Bone & soft tissue estimations in growing sheep (LARIF Node)
  • Ventilation induced brain injury in preterm baby (Monash Node)


Research Projects

  • Simultaneous scan of two mice in a small-animal PET scanner (USyd/ANSTO Node)
  • Enhanced MRI of Preclinical Prostate Cancer (UQ Node)



  • First SAHMRI Placement Scheme
  • CSIRO’s ‘Scientist in Schools’
  • Universities Australia, Higher Education Conference 2016

9:18 am 1 Apr 2016

NIF Quarterly, Q4 2015


NIF News

In this issue, you will read about NIF’s international collaboration with Euro BioImaging and learn about the Global BioImaging Project, which kicked off on Dec 1st 2015.

You will also be updated with NIF’s recent research activities and the news from last quarter, and learn about some of the industry projects that are conducted through NIF facilities and expertise.

Finally, NIF wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas & safe and happy holidays!

11:03 pm 23 Dec 2015

NIF Quarterly, Q2 2015

FINAL_NIF Quarterly_Q2_2015 COVER

NIF News

UWS Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Facility – Official launch of Bruker 14.1T MRI & Perkin-Elmer Quantum GX MicroCT

Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015 – Dr Tim Kuchel, Order of Australia (AM)

Welcome to New NIF! Dr Steffen Bollmann, UQ Node

CSIRO’s ‘Scientist in Schools’ – Dr Andrew Janke

Official Launch – Flagship preclinical 9.4T MRI, UWA Node

NIF Focus Story 1

International Collaboration: Studying the Architecture of Healthy and Diseased Muscles with Diffusion Tensor Imaging

NIF Focus Story 2

Informatics: Reducing Artefact in Simultaneous EEG-fMRI using Carbon Fibre Loops and Iterative Analysis

NIF Focus Story 3

Clinical Research: Improving Clinical Imaging for Tissue Characterisation in Cardiology

11:47 pm 24 Aug 2015

NIF Quarterly, Q1 2015

NIF Quarterly, Q1 2015

NIF News

New Research Edge for UWS – Official launch of Brukerk 14.1 T MRI & Perkin-Elmer Quantum GX MicroCT

New Addition to NIF Family – Dr Andrew Mehnert

Welcome to New NIF Website!

NIF Focus Story 1

NCRIS Collaboration: The Search for Magnetoreceptive Cells in the Honeybee Apis mellifera

NIF Focus Story 2

ANSTO: Ancient Fire Mouse Gene Fires Up Potential for Drug Development

NIF Focus Story 3

Industry: Replacement of the Skin Graft in Full-Thickness Wounds


8:15 am 4 Mar 2015

NIF Quarterly, Q4 2014

NIF Quarterly Q4 2014

NIF News

New Machine Offers Powerhouse to the Brain – Official Launch of 7 Tesla MRI at NIF University of Melbourne Node

NCRIS Showcase

World’s First Bruker ClinScan MRI/PET – Open for Business!

NIF Focus Story 1

Multi-Organ Simultaneous Dynamic Gd-MRI and FDG PET in the Mouse

NIF Focus Story 2

Monotreme Middle Ear Evolution and Development using 3D Reconstructions

NIF Focus Story 3

Characterisation Study of Preeclampsia using MRI

NIF Focus Story 4

Industry: Contrast free MR Angiography

10:26 am 5 Feb 2015

NIF Quarterly, Q3 2014

NIF quarterly Q3 2014

NIF News

Leading node for NIF – UQ’s Centre for Advanced Imaging Officially Opened

UQ & Siemens Collaborate to Advance MRI Technology

WA Premier’s Science Awards 2014

NIF Supporting MND #IceBucketChallenge

NIF Focus Story 1

USyd/ANSTO Node: Automatic Breast Density Evaluation & Modeling Visual Search Patterns of Radiologists Reading Mammograms

NIF Focus Story 2

UQ Node: Synthesis of a Multi-Modal Molecular Imaging Probe based on a Hyperbranched Polymer Architecture

NIF Focus Story 3

Industry Engagement: Clarity uses a Cutting-edge Imaging Technique to guide Drug Development

NIF Focus Story 4

LARIF Node: Pre-clinical Physician Training for a Novel Leadless Pacemaker

10:25 am 5 Feb 2015

NIF Quarterly, Q2 2014

NIF Quarterly Q2 2014

NIF News

NIF leading the way in international research infrastructure collaboration: MoU signed between NIF & Euro-Bioimaging

Signing Ceremony for UQ-Siemens Australia Collaboration in Ultra High Field MRI

MOOC Bioimg101x

NIF Focus Story 1

UQ Node: Ultra high field human MR at 7T

NIF Focus Story 2

UQ Node: EphA2 as a Diagnostic Imaging Target in Glioblastoma

NIF Focus Story 3

Development of single modal & bimodal imaging agents for imaging tumour hypoxia

NIF Focus Story 4

UWS Node: Spatial & temporal control of drug release through pH & alternating magnetic field induced breakage of Schiff base bonds


10:24 am 5 Feb 2015

NIF Quarterly, Q1 2014

NIF Quarterly Q1 2014

NIF News

Bruker BioSpec 9.4T at UWA Node

NIF Facility Fellows Workshop 26th – 27th March, 2014

Long Hail the 7T! ‘Strongest in Southern Hemisphere’

MOOC Bioimg101x Launched!

NIF Focus Story 1

Swinburne Node: Improving our understanding of ‘hearing voices’ – investigation into Schizophrenia

NIF Focus Story 2

LARIF Node: Exploring Neurodegenerative Disorders Using Large Animal Models – a collaborative approach

NIF Focus Story 3

UQ Node: fMRI study of the Nordic Hamstring Exercise – keeping our Aussie sports favourites on the field for longer

3:37 am 8 Jan 2015

NIF Quarterly, Q4 2013

NIF Quarterly Q4 2013

NIF News

Congratulations NIFers! NHMRC & ARC Grant Success

2013 ANZMAG & APNMR – Brisbane Convention Centre

Australia’s First 7T Human MRI

CMCA turns 50!

NIF Focus Story 1

UWA Node: Characterisation of the cortical shell & trabecular architecture of the lateral masses of the human cervical spine

NIF Focus Story 2

UWA Node: The Role of Carotid Rete Variability in Sheep

NIF Focus Story 3

Florey Node: Assessing MRI Biomarkers in a Rat Model of Concussion

NIF Focus Story 4

UQ Node: Tracking of Dendritic Cells using Flourine-19 label by MRI in mouse model

NIF Focus Story 5

UWS Node: Brain Structure & Volume Variation of Australian Agamid Lizards under Constrating Natural & Sexual Selection

9:50 am 18 Dec 2014

NIF Quarterly, Q3 2013

NIF Quarterly Q3 2013

NIF News

Workshop on Pre-clinical Molecular Imaging

Siemens Multimodality Image of 2013

NIF Focus Story 1

Monash Node: Multi-modality Research Imaging Informatics Repository

NIF Focus Story 2

UMelb Node: Understanding Alzheimer’s – A collaborative approach

NIF Focus Story 3

UNSW Node: Pre-clinical MRI: Insights into Canavan disease

9:49 am 18 Dec 2014

NIF Quarterly, Q2 2013

NIF Quarterly Q2 2013

NIF News

UNSW Node: Neuroimaging Analysis Workshop & Official Launch of 9.4T MRI

LARIF Node: Official Facility Opening

NIF at CRC Conference

NIF Focus Story 1

Swinburne Node: How hard is our brain working to delay short-term fulfillment? Imaging Technology tells you how

NIF Focus Story 2

LARIF Node: Meeehhrino Sheep…. model for Stroke

NIF Focus Story 3

USyd/ANSTO Node: ANSTO Cyclotron & Radiochemistry

9:48 am 18 Dec 2014

NIF Quarterly, Q1 2013

NIF News

More than $4 million of funding for NIF

Put Politicians in the Image: High-Level Delegation visits CAI-UQ

NIF Focus Story 1

UQ Node: CT Scan, Not Only a Medical Technique

NIF Focus Story 2

UWS Node: Industry Collaboration – MRI Your Grapes

NIF Focus Story 3

Informatics: Tissuestack is Awesome; Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL)

9:45 am 18 Dec 2014

NIF Quarterly, Q4 2012

NIF Quarterly_Q4 2012

NIF News

New Partners & Scientists Joined NIF in 2012

New Management for the LARIF Node

NIF Review

NIF Facility Fellows Workshop

NIF Focus Story 1

UQ Node: World’s First Commercial Preclinical MR/PET Imaging Scanner Installed

NIF Focus Story 2

USyd/ANSTO Node: Launch of Cyclotron

9:43 am 18 Dec 2014