NIF Governance

NIF operates in a Unincorporated Joint Venture (UJV) structure, governed by a small skills-based independent board that is advised by a council of participants and various committees. 

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NIF Organisation

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A. Dotted lines indicate information sharing; B. The Operations Committee formally reports to the Board; C. The members of Operations Committee are expected to report informally to their respective member of Participant Council; D. Feedback from the themes will be shared with both Participant Council and the Industry Engagement Committee; E. NIF Central (not shown) reports directly to the Board and communicates with all NIF groups.

Governing Board

The Governing Board, chaired by Prof. Margaret Harding, provides overall consultation and oversight of the NIF strategies, financial management, and activities. The Board meets regularly to discuss the NIF Governance Framework, which describes and sets the terms of the new governance structure and the transition arrangements for the change from the current to the new governance structure, identify and shortlist candidates for the new independent Board, monitor the progress of the NIF implementation plan, and review proposals from new partners.

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NIF Board Chair
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NIF Board Member
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Participant Council

The NIF Participant Council is comprised of representatives of the partnering institutions, providing  advice and recommendations, as appropriate, to the Board on commitment of available co-funding from the partners and that institutional commitments of co-funding, contained within any budgets are realistic and fair. They also provide input on strategy, policy, funding priorities, stakeholder engagement, performance and accountability, as requested by the Board or initiated by the Council.

Operations Commitee

The NIF Operations Committee advises on the activities and operational matters and oversees the implementation of Board’s decisions and strategies at the node level. The committee reports to the Board and is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer. The Operations Committee consists of the directors, or nominees, of the operational node of each of the participants and meets on monthly basis. Node Directors are appointed by the institution where the node is located, and follow standard academic practice. 

Industry Engagement Committee & Advisory Panel

The NIF Industry Engagement Committee provides consultation and guidance to NIF on engagement strategies, sets the appropriate metrics for measuring success, and also monitors the progress of proposed engagement activities for review and evaluation. The Committee is comprised of a representative from each node of NIF.

The Industry Advisory Panel is made up of NIF current and potential future industry partners and representatives from commercial stakeholders. The Advisory Panel provides insights and solutions to improve engagement strategies and advocates the capability of NIF to broader community nationally.

Thematic Groups

The NIF thematic groups, which were established in 2017 to simplify the interface between NIF and user community, include Molecular Imaging and Radiochemistry, Human Imaging, and Animals, Plants, and Materials Imaging. The themes, which are comprised of NIF Fellows, other members of NIF nodes, and users, facilitate better engagement between NIF and users and ensure that the strategic direction of the NIF capability is aligned with the needs of the users.

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