NIF is a state-of-the-art imaging capability for humans, animals, plants, and materials. Through the facilities and knowledge supported by NIF, researchers are exploring inner space for human health, agriculture, food security, crops, livestock, materials, specimens, composites, ecology and biosciences applications.

Cardiac Imaging

Across the NIF portfolio, there is a wide range of active projects using imaging to characterise heart anatomy and function.

Lung Imaging

Across the NIF portfolio, there is a range of active projects using imaging to characterise lungs and lung function.

Brain Imaging

Plant Imaging

Thematic Groups

Animals, Plants, Materials Calamansie grape - MRI Echidna brain - MRI Soil sample - CT Animals, Plants, and Materials Imaging From crops to museum specimens, the Animals, Plants & Materials Imaging (APM) Theme specialises in non-human and pre-clinical imaging, providing technology and expertise for imaging of animals, plants, and materials for research and industry. The group's expertise covers a wide range of imaging technologies including CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET, MPI and optical imaging methods. The APM Theme is developing a national framework for consistent acquisition, storage and management of images from museum and fauna specimens. This initiative targets the museum/collection sector's need for a consistent approach to specimen imaging data and aims to generate an accessible resource for education, research and the general public Theme Chairs: Dr Tim Rosenow (UWA) and Dr Tim Stait-Gardner (WSU) Terms of Reference available upon request Human Human brain anatomy - MRI Human brain tractography - MRI MRI slice showing the heart and chest Heart - MRI Human Imaging The Human Imaging Theme is experienced in all aspects of imaging the human body, from fundamental research through to clinical trials. Techniques include MRI, PET, CT, and MEG.
A national initiative of the Human Imaging Theme is to create the Australian Biomedical Imaging Research Database (ABIRD), to facilitate data sharing and re-use. Theme members aim to provide an accessible resource with diverse population sets for biomedical research, beginning with healthy brain imaging data. Theme Chair: Dr Michael Green, UNSW Facility Fellow Terms of Reference available upon request
Molecular Imaging and Radiochemistry Rat - PET/CT MR-PET of a mouse showing 3D planes mouse - MR/PET mouse by MR-PET showing contrast for organs etc mouse - mr/pet Molecular Imaging and Radiochemistry As an enabling capability, the Molecular Imaging and Radiochemistry (MIR) Theme enables researcher access to state-of-the-art radiochemistry and molecular imaging facilities for basic and translational science projects, and clinical trials. The MIR theme has two ongoing national initiatives:
- Establish an information platform to facilitate access to radiotracers and molecular imaging infrastructure.
- Implementation of a QA program for preclinical PET scanners, for harmonisation across the national network.
Theme Chair: Prof Andrew Scott, ONJCRI Terms of Reference available upon request
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