As a National Capability, NIF has instruments and expertise to suit a wide variety of imaging needs. An overview of how to access NIF facilities is shown below.

  • Idea

    Have a great idea or a problem to solve? Can imaging help you on your research and development journey?

  • Apply

    Contact NIF Central or your choice of NIF Fellow directly to begin the application process or simply ask some questions.

  • Assess

    Together with the NIF Node, discuss your project requirements, flesh out the experiments, and assess the feasibility and merit of the work. 

  • Access

    Formalise your access arrangements and utilise NIF imaging infrastructure to solve your problems and realise your ideas!


How can we contact you?
Please give us as much detail as possible to help with your inquiry! For example, which instrument are you interested in, what are your research objectives, where are you located?
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