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Future Capabilities

To plan for the future of Australian imaging research infrastructure, NIF initiated national consultations with the research community in mid-2020. The resulting report, linked below, features some of the current roadblocks to impact, future infrastructure needs, and opportunities that can place Australia at the forefront of international developments. These needs and opportunities feed into the 2020-2021 investment round, guidelines for which are linked below. If you have any questions, please check the  FAQ or reach out


My organisation is not currently a NIF participant, can we apply in the 2020-2021 round of investments?

Yes. As outlined in the Application Pack, all Universities, Medical Research Institutes, and Publicly Funded Research Organisations that can commit to the NCRIS Principles and the NIF joint venture are welcome to apply. 

My organisation is interested in joining the NIF profile, but not applying for investment in this round – how do we proceed?

Please contact the NIF CEO or NIF COO to discuss contributing capability to the NIF portfolio. 

What are the principles that NIF uses to assess applications for investment?

Investment Principles are outlined in section 6 of the Investment Framework. The NIF Board will consider criteria such as whether an application addresses a gap, demonstrates a strong use case, appropriate resourcing and local expertise is available, and that there is high user interest and strong collaboration. 

When is the deadline for applications in the 2020-2021 round of invesments?

Key dates are outlined in section 8 of the Application Pack. In summary:

  • Expressions of Interest open 1st of December, 2020
  • Expressions of Interest close 24th of January, 2021 
  • Announcement of shortlisted Expressions of Interest and invitation for submission of Business Cases on 22nd of February, 2021
  • Business Case submissions close 28th March, 2021
  • Outcomes announced 17th of May, 2021 


What applications in the 2020-2021 round of invesments were successful?
The National Imaging Facility undertook an extensive national consultation during the second half of 2020 to identify the gaps and opportunities for future investments in imaging technology. In response NIF made an open call for strategic responses to all institutes across Australia to identify gaps and opportunities. Following a rigorous assessment, a number of new investments were approved. Visit our news for further information on the successful investments. The remaining funds will be used to enable solutions that address the NIF priority of research access to biomedical imaging in rural and remote communities.



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