The future of advanced imaging

To ensure a world-class research imaging capability, NIF produces and delivers to, a national roadmap for imaging research infrastructure. The NIF Imaging Roadmap shows how we will deliver on the priorities outlined in the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap for imaging. We will support innovation and ensure Australia’s international comparative advantage by prioritising these capabilities over the coming five years.

Better evidence for decision-making in health
Advanced imaging methods and analysis provide critical evidence for decision-making—for example, imaging facial nerves affected by melanomas—across all aspects of health and clinical science to keep Australia healthy.

New diagnostics and therapies combined
New-generation nuclear therapies where imaging-based diagnosis and treatment is combined and delivered together (called ‘theranostics’) are revolutionising cancer therapy, such as high-grade brain cancer treatments.
Better health for the young and older Australians
Imaging studies that look at conditions in younger and older Australians—such as detecting dementias or drug effects during pregnancy—are essential for understanding and promoting healthy development and ageing.
Equitable regional and rural health
Crucial to societal equity and research quality, delivering a geographically distributed network of advanced imaging to support research and personalised medicine, and taking part in medical trials, is a major national challenge.
Growing use of imaging in agriculture and ecology
Imaging is accelerating as an important capability for agricultural and ecological sciences; for example, imaging how roots use phosphorus in nutrient-poor soils without destroying them.

Critical contributions to materials, engineering and culture
Many varied industrial and research problems—such as chemical processes, materials science, environmental and ecosystems research, security, palaeontology and cultural preservation—are increasingly opening up to the benefits of advanced imaging technologies.


Placing Australian imaging at the global forefront

NIF is enabling infrastructure and expertise that will support Australia at the cutting edge of advanced imaging, now and into the future as we continue to meet the evolving needs of modern research.

Accelerating next-generation imaging technologies
Australia is a pioneer in developing new imaging technologies and translating them to real-world applications.

Furthering critical magnetic resonance technology

Australia is a world-leader in applying and translating MRI technology—it will continue to be an important part of our imaging research infrastructure.

Translating portable biomagnetic imaging

A new generation of ultra-sensitive room-temperature magnetometers promises to bring advanced, portable diagnostic biomagnetic imaging to clinics for neurological, cardiovascular and neonatal health.

Pioneering full-colour X-ray scanners

Recent breakthrough technology promises to revolutionise the entire field of computed tomographic (CT) imaging, called photon-counting CT imaging.

Applying new-generation ultrasound for treatments and diagnostic techniques
Ultrasound technology is quickly evolving to provide higher quality images and innovative treatments for new therapeutic approaches—such as for diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.
Advancing molecular imaging to visualise wholebody processes

Next-generation molecular imaging and radiopharmaceuticals are revolutionising how we see biological processes at the molecular level. We can use hybrid and total-body imaging technologies to more effectively diagnose and treat people.

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