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The University of Sydney/ANSTO node is a shared facility that provides the research community with access to cyclotron based radioisotopes (18F and 11C) and radiochemistry/pre-clinical imaging technologies on a collaborative basis. The NCRIS-funded research cyclotron and associated radiochemistry hotcells are housed in the ANSTO Camperdown facility adjacent to the Brain and Mind Centre (BMC) and supported by the expertise of ANSTO cyclotron engineers and radiochemists. The pre-clinical imaging platform is located in the purpose built laboratories of the BMC and jointly operated by ANSTO and BMC teams with long standing expertise in molecular imaging.

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 The pre-clinical imaging platform includes PET, PET/CT and PET/SPECT/CT scanners, autoradiography, radiometabolite analysis and tissue counting facilities. Facility staff support the research user community through assistance with project design, project management, staff/student training and, where appropriate, data analysis.  

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The Team

Profile photo of Dr Georgios Angelis
USyd/ANSTO Facility Fellow
University of Sydney / ANSTO Node Co-Director
Prof Fernando Calamante
University of Sydney / ANSTO Node Co-Director
Dr Tom Close
USyd/ANSTO Informatics Fellow
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USyd/ANSTO Facility Fellow

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