PET/SPECT/CT Small Animal

Simultaneous use of both Siemens Inveon scanners has been routine, and faster throughput imaging using dual-mice beds designed in-house has been established. Non-invasive methods from image-derived input functions for quantification and kinetic modelling have been developed and validated. In vivo validation of Partial Saturation Approach (PSA) modelling method using 11C-raclopride has also been established. The complete process from radioisotope production by the cyclotron, radiochemical labelling and imaging continues to be delivered, and post-mortem analysis for biodistribution is now routine.

  • Small animal imaging studies

  • PET/CT and PET/SPECT/CT scanners

  • Pipeline of radioisotopes


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University of Sydney / ANSTO Node Co-Director
Prof Fernando Calamante
University of Sydney / ANSTO Node Co-Director

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