Lidia Matesic
Lidia Matesic
ANSTO Facility Fellow

Lidia Matesic completed a PhD in organic and medicinal chemistry at the University of Wollongong in 2011. She then commenced at ANSTO as a post-doctoral fellow and later on, as a radiochemist. During her research career she has focussed on the development of radiopharmaceuticals for cancer and neurological disorders. InĀ 2012 she was awarded an Early Career Fellowship to work at Centre Cyceron (Caen, France) on the development of new PET imaging agents to diagnose stroke.

Lidia has expertise in radiolabelling optimisation, radiotracer production for preclinical studies, radiotracer characterisation, organic synthesis and student supervision. Currently, she is a Principal Radiochemist and the Radiopharmaceuticals Manager at ANSTO, leading a team of radiochemists researching the use of therapeutic radioisotopes to advance the development, manufacturing and translation of radiopharmaceuticals into preclinical and clinical studies.

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