9.4T MRI Small Animal

9.4T MRI with Tara operating

The 9.4T animal MRI system (Agilent/Bruker) housed at the Clayton site is a flexible and adaptable magnetic resonance imaging scanner for pre-clinical imaging and research. The system runs Paravision 6 and can carry out a wide range of pre-clinical imaging functions with a range of proton coils for various applications. The ultra high magnetic field provides structural and functional images with higher resolution in comparison with clinical MRI. It can be used for brain, abdominal, cardiovascular, muscular and articular, as well as dynamic molecular imaging. 

  • Anatomical imaging studies

  • Animal beds for rodents and marmosets

  • Horizontal bore magnet with 205/120 gradient coils

  • Phased array surface coils for rat and mouse brain and heart

  • 200 mm surface coils for 1H-19F (370-420 MHz), 31P-13C (75-170 MHz), 2H-15N (39-82 MHz)

  • 40 mm 190-F coil for rodents


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Dr Mike de Veer
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Monash Facility Fellow

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