7T MRI Whole Body

Aiman operating the 7T MRI with a humna subject. Image courtesy of CAI, UQ.

Key technical features of the Siemens Magnetom 7T MRI system include high-performance gradients and multi-receive and multi-transmit radiofrequency capabilities that further increase sensitivity.

The 7T is utilised across a broad range of applications, including neuroscience, engineering, spectroscopy and theranostics. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, musculoskeletal and liver diseases are examples of clinical applications that benefit from the high spatial resolution achievable with this instrument.

  • Anatomical imaging studies

  • Functional MRI (fMRI)

  • High-performance gradients

  • Multi-receive and multi-transmit radio-frequency capabilities


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Prof Markus Barth
Queensland Node Co-Director
Head of Human & Companion Animal Imaging Operations, CAI

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