Biograph MR-PET (large bore)

The Biograph MR-PET is a fully integrated 600mm bore 3T MRI and PET system. This allows for the simultaneous acquisition of PET data with the soft tissue discrimination of MRI. As MRI emits no ionising radiation PET scans can be performed for a longer duration allowing higher accuracy. All data is fully integrated with kinetic and standard reconstructions covering the whole body if required.

  • 40% greater sensitivity then PET-CT

  • High MR image quality for off-centre imaging, fat saturation and spectroscopy

  • 32″ BOLDScreen for stimuli presentation

  • Two CCTV cameras in scan room with wide angle coverage

  • Range of application suites for optimised examinations of all regions


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Dr Mike de Veer
Monash Facility Fellow

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