The TriFoil FLECT-CT small animal imaging system is located at the Monash Insitute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS – Parkville). The TriFoil FLECT-CT instrument provides in vivo optical imaging with uniform sensitivity and resolution throughout the object. The system provides images of deep tissue phenomena without loss of image or quantitative accuracy. The X-ray CT scanner provides co-registered images for anatomical correlation that significantly improves the segmentation and resolution of the optical images.

The system is capable of imaging rodent animal models with axial and transaxial fields of view of 38mm and 100mm (mice), and 42 frequency excitation options, up to 16 light filtration options, and is configured with “InVivoScope” control and analysis software.

  • FLECT system capable of imaging in the range of ~500 – 870 nm

  • Individualised animal tissue heterogeneity map for compensation/correction of attenuation of photons based on CT image

  • Deep tissue algorithms for fluorescence recovery based on individualised geometry of each animal

  • Ability to plug-in imaging cells compatible with MRI, and to fuse FLECT, CT, and MRI images

  • Diffusion MRI

  • Simultaneous fMRI and EEG


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Dr Mike de Veer
Monash Facility Fellow

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