3T MRI - Siemens Magnetom Vida

The Siemens 3T Magnetom Vida, located at the RINSW, is a 70 cm wide bore magnet design with a 60 mT and 200 T/m/s slew rate gradient system.

  • Broad range of imaging coils, e.g., 64 & 20 channel head coil, 60 channel body coil, peripheral angiography coils and several MSK coils for neuro, cardiac, body and musculoskeletal imaging

  • fMRI, DTI, perfusion, diffusion, free‐breathing and single breath hold cardiac and body imaging sequences, quantitative

  • Imaging such as T1, T2, iron, fat and stiffness mapping, vascular imaging, spectroscopy etc

  • Laser‐guided patient alignment system, flat table, specialised RF antennae, and sequences for MR guided Radiotherapy treatment planning

  • Cambridge Research Systems BOLDscreen 32″ LCD display and Lumina response pads for fMRI studies

  • Elastography hardware and software

  • Contrast injector and vital sign monitor


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