3T MRI - Skyra


LARIF’s feature instrument is the high field MRI Siemens ‘Skyra’ scanner. The Skyra 3T is a 48-channel XQ gradient MRI scanner with 70 cm wide bore. The system comes with 32 ¬channel head coil, 20-channel head/neck coil, TxRx head coil, special purpose coil, flex coils, loop coils, 32-channel spine coil, 18-channel body coils and MR contrast injector. It is used for various applications including veterinary imaging, forensic imaging, large animal research and fetal medicine.

The scanner includes advanced imaging and analysis software, including TWIST, TIM whole body suite, TIM planning suite, Syngo Native, Syngo Tissue 4D, MyoMaps, ZOOMit, TimTx TrueShape, QISS, SMS EPI, 3D ASL, and IDEA licensing.

  • 4D Flow

  • Spectroscopy

  • Diffusion tensor imaging

  • Neuro fMRI ready

  • Advanced cardiac

  • Multinuclear ready


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