Oren Civier
Oren Civier
Swinburne Informatics Fellow

Dr Oren Civier received his PhD from Boston University, where he used computational modelling to study cortical and subcortical mechanisms of speech production. After his PhD, Oren investigated white matter anomalies in speech disorders using diffusion MRI (DTI), and the neural control of oral and hand movements using MEG. Leveraging those qualifications and industry experience in Computer Science, Oren’s focus is on developing multimodal neuroimaging analysis tools based, in part, on the MRtrix software, including diffusion MRI combined with fMRI (continuing from his previous position at the University of Sydney), and diffusion MRI combined with MEG (current position). These efforts parallel his research interest in elucidating the brain’s connectivity network on multiple dimensions (conduction speed, throughput, redundancy, etc.) in order to develop more accurate diagnoses and more targeted/personalised treatment of brain disorders. Some additional research methodologies and techniques Dr Civier has used throughout his career are tDCS, electromagnetic/camera-based motion tracking, and auditory/visual feedback manipulation.

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