Graham Galloway
Graham Galloway
Chief Executive Officer

Professor Graham Galloway is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Imaging Facility (NIF). He has been instrumental in establishing Imaging collaborative research infrastructure in Australia. In 2006, he led the collaborative team that developed the Investment plan for Imaging, within NCRIS (National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy). This plan was accepted by Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, with $7M Commonwealth funding, plus $10M state and institutional funding and Galloway was nominated by the Imaging Community as the Inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the National Imaging Facility. In this role, he provides leadership to the NIF as it develops a strategic vision for imaging in Australia. Under his leadership, NIF has expanded through the Education Investment Fund and further capital investment through NCRIS. With state and institutional funding, this is a $130M project. He is passionate about providing open access to the imaging resources and enabling effective use of those resources.

Graham’s research interests include the use of in vivo Magnetic Resonance to test the efficacy of pharmaceutical agents, novel applications for the use of Magnetic Resonance in physiological studies and material sciences, and in pushing the boundaries of the technology into new applications. His role in all projects is characterised by his multidisciplinary background, which ensures that he is able to draw together these apparently disparate threads.

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