A Bruker Autoflex MALDI-TOF/TOF MSI facility is available for both advanced MSI and protein analysis. MSI enables the spatial distribution of ions to be imaged directly from tissue sections to a resolution of 20-50 ┬Ám, and examples of application include biomarker studies in cancer and drug distribution. It can also be used to localize chemically unlabeled molecular markers and/or bioactive peptides in tissue by generating unique ion profiles through the use of isotopic labeling.

The technology is an ideal platform for mass analysis of biomolecules, characterisation of protein folding and sequencing, and a robotic LC-spotter allows full-scale proteomic experimentation.

  • Biomolecule distribution

  • Proteomic characterisation


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Prof Markus Barth
Queensland Node Co-Director
Imaging Mass Spectrometry Specialist, CAI

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