IVIS Lumina II Pre- clinical small animal In vivo Bioluminescence/ Fluorescence Imaging System

The IVIS Lumina II is a high-sensitivity, low noise, in vivo imaging technology platform that enables noninvasive visualization and tracking of cellular and genetic activity within a living organism, in real time.

The IVIS Lumina II takes very low light level images that can be saved and displayed for subsequent analysis. In addition to bioluminescent imaging, the IVIS Lumina II incorporates the XFO-12 fluorescence equipment that enables fluorescent imaging capabilities for both in vitro and in vivo applications. The sensitive range of the CCD camera sets the wavelength range for fluorescence applications from 400 to 950nm.

  • In-vivo fluorescence imaging

  • In-vivo bioluminescence imaging

  • Autofluorescence correlation

  • Min image pixel resolution 50 um

  • Heated stage and anaesthesia manifold

  • 10 excitation and 4 broad emission filter sets


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