CRi Maestro II Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging and Unmixing System

“The CRi Maestro 2 is a high-performance multispectral imaging system designed for fluorescence macro-imaging of small animals such as a mice or rats.

The system is equipped with unique multispectral tunable optics and inbuilt multispectral imaging software algorithms which enables users to rapidly image and quantify more than one fluorescent signal within a mouse or rat in real time.

The system can be used for multiplexing and spectral unmixing enabling imaging of multiple fluorescent signals simultaneously together with the removal of any autofluorescence from an image.

  • In-vivo fluorescence imaging

  • In-vivo multispectral imaging and unmixing

  • Autofluorescence correction

  • Min image pixel resolution 25 micron

  • Heating stage and anaesthesia manifold

  • Solid-state liquid crystal tuneable filter


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