Bruker Skyscan 1176 Micro CT

A researcher using the SkyScan micro-CT at UWA

The Skyscan 1176 system is a live animal X-ray microtomography system which enables high resolution (9, 18, or 35 um) 3D imaging of anaesthetised mice or rats using low X-ray doses. The system is able to provide morphological detail of tissues including bone, muscle, and fat while contrast agents can be used to produce 3D imaging of blood vessels, lymphatics, and gastrointestinal spaces.

Variable X-ray applied voltages and filters provide scanning flexibility to allow imaging of a wide range of samples from lung tissue to bone with titanium implants as well as non-animal specimens. The instrument caters for full body mouse and rat imaging and for scanning of distal limbs of larger animals such as rabbits.

  • Small animal in-vivo/ex-vivo imaging studies

  • Integrated physiological monitoring system (breathing and ECG gating)

  • Resolution 9, 18, 35 micron (pixel size)

  • Max scan diameter 68 mm

  • Max scannable length 200 mm


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