Siemens Biograph mMR (PET/MRI)

This ground-breaking PET/MRI Scanner, located at HIRF, is one of a few of its kind in Australia. It provides simultaneous anatomical (MRI) and functional (PET) data to locate tumours and understand disease processes. It offers the most precise early diagnosis of diseases such as brain, ovarian and prostate cancers and monitoring of processes within those cancers. It can also be used to study how drugs and PET tracers (small compounds) are taken up by tumours and surrounding areas. This will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the biology of tumours. The scanner provides high-quality images of organs in motion, such as the liver, and will help researchers to identify the best treatment strategies for patients. The MRI/PET enables organ motion to be tracked and corrected for higher-quality imaging.

  • Anatomical studies

  • Combined PET and MR

  • 12 coils avalable

  • Up to 9 micron resolution

  • Power injector ancillary


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