9.4T MRI Small Animal

Gary and Karine using the MR.

The Bruker Biospec MRI scanner consists of a 9.4 Tesla, 300 mm ultrashield refrigerated 30 cm magnet interfaced to a scalable Bruker Avance III spectrometer that allows unparalleled flexibility for MRI scanning of small and medium sized research animals and other samples.

The system incorporates a cryoprobe, which enables maximum signal and image quality to be achieved for rodent mouse brain imaging. The system also includes 8 parallel RF transmit and receive channels for multi-coil phased array imaging and numerous coils to investigate nuclei other than standard protons or “water” imaging, notably carbon-13 coils to investigate metabolism, sodium-23 coils to investigate cell viability, phosphorus-31 coils to investigate tissue energetics and fluorine-19 coils for labelling of targeted tracers.

  • Cryoprobe for rodent and mouse imaging

  • C-13, Na-23, P-31 and F-19 coils

  • MR Spectroscopy (MRS)


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Dr Gary Cowin
QLD Facility Fellow
Research Fellow, CAI

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