NCRIS 2023 Submission update

On 15 March NIF submitted an NCRIS 2023 funding application to support its continued operations , with the following  Activities addressing National Research Infrastructure priorities:

  • Advanced Human Imaging
  • Preclinical and Frontier Imaging
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Imaging Data Collections and Partnerships
  • Medical Research Translation

The submission is strongly aligned with key national policies, and will allow NIF to continue to provide open access to Australia’s most advanced imaging equipment, expertise, data and analysis with critical attention to:

  • addressing the growth of translational and precision medicine that exploit large imaging studies;
  • growing industry use, which benefits our health and wellbeing; and
  • continuing to operate, innovate and partner at an exemplary international standard.

NIF focuses on health and medical innovation, while providing specialised capabilities for agriculture, materials and physical collections. In reflection of this and to promote coordinated and synergistic impact, the submission was prepared in collaboration with other NCRIS projects including the NCRIS Health Group with Bioplatforms Australia, Phenomics Australia, Population Health Research Network and Therapeutic Innovation Australia, in addition to Australian Research Data Commons, Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, Atlas of Living Australia and Australian Access Federation.

The document highlighted NIF’s contributions to reducing Australia’s burden of disease by providing the expertise, infrastructure and national networks to address important health priorities. Examples included supporting the translational pipeline to improve imaging biomarkers, facilitating the translation of medical innovations, and integrating new imaging technologies to improve the detection of cancer, such as melanoma. Another core focus was positioning NIF to support the distribution of new high-value radiopharmaceuticals, and advance the emerging field of theranostics.

NIF supports industry engagement and research translation from concepts to market and findings to practice through improved access across disciplines. The submission demonstrated how NIF helps researchers make new biomedical discoveries, in addition to applying imaging in new ways for impact in areas like agriculture and mining. NIF also supports the creation of imaging data collections of national priority, and deployment of the digital infrastructure and expertise required to translate them into valuable information.

The proposal addressed priorities from the Australian Government’s National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, including three step changes (National digital research infrastructure, Research translation infrastructure, Environmental and climate infrastructure), four system-wide enhancements (Large-scale integrated datasets, Physical collections and biobanking, Software analysis tools and platforms, Bridging innovation gaps), and was strongly aligned with key national policies. 

We acknowledge and thank the NIF network for their contributions to support the submission, through participation in discussions, workshops, biannual reporting activities, user experience surveys, case studies and promotional opportunities. These contributions were critical for NIF to deliver a strong application that reflects a shared vision and structure for the future.

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