IVIS Lumina

The IVIS® Lumina (Perkin Elmer) provides a highly sensitive means to image bioluminesence and/or fluorescent reporters in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro. Bioluminescent imaging of transgenic animals or cells expressing luciferase requires the administration of luciferin, a bioluminescent substrate, prior to imaging. Fluorescent imaging can be performed at three specific ranges; emission wavelengths of 445-490nm (GFP), 500-550nm (DsRed), 615-665nm (Cy5.5) and 710-760nm (ICG). The system is fully equipped with its own isoflurane anaesthetic system and is capable of imaging up to three mice simultaneously. In a typical luciferase imaging setting, imaging of the animals takes between 10-20 minutes for each set. However, this can increase to 45 minutes depending on the model.

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