University of Queensland Node

Node Director: 

  • Prof. Ian Brereton 


Facility Fellows: 

  • Dr Gary Cowin
  • Dr Karine Mardon
  • Dr Steffen Bollmann
  • Dr Tonima Ali


Informatics Fellow: 

  • Mr Aswin Narayanan


Operational participants:


Scope and function: 

  • During February 2014, a state-of-the-art wholebody 7T MRI scanner was installed within the new Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) building for advanced high field structural and functional MRI in humans. The system is the first in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • An combined MR-PET system funded under the NCRIS program was installed at the University of Queensland node in 2012. This developmental cutting-edge technology allows the simultaneous acquisition of MRI and PET images providing unique functional, metabolic and structural information on small animal models of disease.
  • In support of the MR-PET facility, a preclinical PET-CT scanner has been installed and commissioned at the UQ node.
  • EIF funding provided by the Commonwealth Government has allowed a major enhancement of imaging capabilities at UQ with the construction of a new 5-story facility, the Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI), that houses a cyclotron, radiochemistry and ultra-high field human MRI instrumentation. Radiotracer development and in-house production supports world-class molecular imaging research programs utilising the PET-CT and MR-PET facilities.
  • A high field 9.4T animal MRI scanner equipped with a cryoprobe and a multichannel transmit/receive RF system is also available for state-of-the-art MR imaging and spectroscopy applications.
  • A MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Imaging scanner is available for imaging of the spatial distribution of molecular species within tissue samples as well as full proteomics analysis.
  • A clinical ultrasound scanner is available for human and animal ultrasound investigation.
  • The University of Queensland node also provides access to 20% of time on each of two state-of-the-art MRI systems. All researchers have access to a 16.4T micro-MR imaging system and a 3T human scanner.
  • Facility Fellows at the University of Queensland Node support the instrument operation and facilitate research of users in MRI, PET-CT and informatics and image processing. An Informatics Fellow also located at the University of Queensland Node ensures that best practice is pursued with respect to analysis, curation, archiving, and availability of data.