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The Western Australia National Imaging Facility (WANIF) offers a state-of-the-art technical platform, allowing high-resolution imaging of materials, plants, and specimens, as well as preclinical small animal and biomedical human research capabilities. The WANIF Node aims to provide open access to researchers and investigators, offering imaging solutions from mice to humans (and almost everything in between), morphology and function, on a microscopic to a macroscopic scale.


Animals, Plants, and Materials Imaging: WANIF provides in vivo/ ex vivo pre-clinical Micro-CT and MR-imaging capabilities, along with live animal in vivo fluorescence and bioluminescence, high frequency ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging capabilities. We also host a Large Field-of-View X-Ray CT scanner, dedicated to materials research.


Human Imaging: WANIF houses a powerful state-of-the-art equipment (digital PET-CT and 3T MRI) in a research-dedicated environment. These instruments provide a unique capacity for standardised, reproducible, and quantifiable imaging to support biomedical research and imaging for clinical trial.


Radiopharmaceuticals: WANIF staff provide the expertise to allow researchers to use a range of PET radiopharmaceuticals critical for PET imaging studies.


CRi Maestro 2
In/Ex vivo multispectral fluorescence imaging and unmixing. The equipment detects the light emitted by a fluorescently tagged gene, molecule or cell in an animal and provides non-invasive analyses of the strength of the fluorescent signal (mouse/rat).

Caliper IVIS Lumina II
In/Ex vivo Bioluminescence imaging. This highly sensitive technique is used to measure gene expression or to track cells non-invasively in a small animal (mouse/rat).

Skyscan 1176 micro-CT
In/Ex vivo X-ray micro computed tomography (micro-CT). This live animal X-ray microtomography system enables high-resolution 3D imaging of anaesthetised mice or rats, using low X-ray doses (mouse/rat).

Nikon XT H 225 ST
WA’s only Large Field-of-View, materials research-dedicated CT for non-destructive imaging of internal parts, using multiple axial scans to generate 2D cross-sectional information or 3-dimenional reconstructions.

Bruker BioSpec 9.4T MRI
High-performance multi-nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system for non-invasive high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy in preclinical, preserved sample, plant, and materials research.

Contact: Tim Rosenow

3.0 T Siemens MAGNETOM Vida
This research-dedicated MRI system with powerful gradients provides whole-body imaging capabilities, with dedicated coils for neuro, spine, cardiac, abdominal, musculoskeletal, vascular, and functional imaging.

Contact: Sjoerd Vos

Siemens Biograph Vision 600 digital PET-CT
The PET-CT scanner provides details of disorders at a molecular level (PET) and high-resolution images of the body’s anatomy (CT), providing morphological, functional, and metabolic imaging capabilities.

Contact: Heidi Espedal

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