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The Centre of Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis (CMCA) is the principal shared research infrastructure facility at UWA. CMCA supports a variety of small animal imaging capabilities within its Bioimaging Facility (BIF) located in the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research on the QEII Medical Centre campus. Platforms include a 9.4T pre-clinical MRI, Bioluminescence and Fluorescence spectral imaging, and Micro-CT. These facilities are accommodated in a PC2 certified environment.  

CMCA is also the Western Australian node of Microscopy Australia and in part accommodates and administers the Bioplatforms Australia nodes of Metabolomics Australia and Proteomics Australia.  

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As well as preclinical small animal imaging, the WA NIF node has specialised expertise in materials science. Co-located with a range of complementary analysis platforms at CMCA, we have unique experience in imaging novel samples, including artefacts from the WA Museum and specimens from Western Australia’s biodiverse natural environment.

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