Rob Williams
Rob Williams
University of Melbourne Facility Fellow

Rob Williams develops new methods, liaises with potential users and develops numerous PET/CT projects from scratch, some of which have resulted in high-level funding for the entire research community. He has continued to expand on developing the infrastructure, maintaining the procedure manuals, maintaining advanced life support qualifications and equipment, written complex database programs with multicenter access, and has performed the IT administration role of the imaging process servers, performed radiation audits, developed and performed advanced quality control, and assisted with symposia and multiple presentations. He coordinates all services and organizational entities related to the successful operation of the Unit, including the building and maintenance of relationships and ongoing interface with hospitals and universities, contractors, volunteers and students and benefactors. The Unit has significant influence in the terms of its technological capacity, investment and relevance to the identification of research leading to the development of longer-term therapeutic treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He has also engaged with researchers to develop new methodologies and prepare publications such as a blood pool imaging system or CT averaging for detailed images of objects or quantification methods of amyloid imaging using enhanced reconstruction methods.

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