Ingrid Burvenich
Ingrid Burvenich
La Trobe-ONJCRI Facility Fellow

Ingrid is a senior post-doctoral fellow at the Tumour Targeting Program of Prof Scott, ONJCRI. Dr Burvenich is a highly experienced researcher in molecular imaging and biology, and has extensive experience in animal models of disease, as well as in targeted therapeutics and cancer biology. She also has an extensive experience in large collaborative projects, animal ethics, has an excellent track record in grant success (NHMRC, Philanthropic groups) and in industry engagement. She has been pivotally involved in the preclinical development of bioimaging therapeutic antibodies translating these to Phase I bioimaging studies. In the past five years three of these antibodies have entered phase I bioimaging human trials (NCT01220999, NCT02252211, NCT04297748) and she has been the first author on nine publications.

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