David Abbott
David Abbott
Florey Informatics Fellow

Professor David Abbott is a physicist-neuroscientist with over twenty years’ experience in neuroimaging informatics. He heads the Neuroinformatics Laboratory established in the Epilepsy and Imaging Divisions of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. David develops enhanced national informatics capability in the processing, analysis and interpretation of neuroimaging data. Scope includes research, development, implementation and application of advanced analysis procedures; automated processing pipelines; image data management; policy development and education. David’s research has largely focused on clinically relevant advances in human brain mapping. This includes pioneering work in electronic medical image distribution and neuroimaging methodology including structural and functional MRI analysis and simultaneous EEG/fMRI. David has authored over 100 papers in well-regarded international journals, with a cumulative citation count exceeding 8,000 according to Google Scholar. Portions of his research work are also embodied in publicly released software, including iBrain and the iBrain Analysis Toolbox for SPM (for image processing, analysis and visualisation), SOCK (for fully automated noise classification and filtering of fMRI data), and the ERICA Toolbox (for data-driven analysis of event-related functional MRI).

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