Queensland Node

As a leading imaging research facility in Australia, the University of Queensland’s Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) manages the most comprehensive range of magnetic resonance instrumentation in the southern hemisphere. Facility Fellows at CAI support the instrument operation and facilitate research of users in MRI, PET-CT and informatics and image processing. An Informatics Fellow ensures that best practice is pursued with respect to analysis, curation, archiving, and availability of data. CAI is able to perform imaging studies in a wide range of areas, from major diseases affecting a range of organ systems, such as neurodegenerative disorders, cancer and cardiovascular disease, through to imaging economically significant agricultural animals and plant material, minerals and construction materials.

The Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF) has been purpose-built to facilitate clinical trials. It’s state-of-the art clinical scanners and prime location within Australia’s largest hospital precinct position it as a leading global force in clinical imaging research. Its position on Herston Campus provides not only access to large patient cohorts but certified radiochemistry facilities for a broad range of PET radiotracers.  HIRF contributes three cutting-edge research scanners, based at a hospital site, to the NIF network. 

Power Capabilities

The QLD Node has a pipeline of research, from molecular probes and animal imaging to human clinical trials.

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The Team

QLD Facility Fellow
Prof Markus Barth
Queensland Node Co-Director
Dr Gary Cowin
QLD Facility Fellow
QLD Facility Fellow
UQ Facility Fellow
Dr Karine Mardon
QLD Facility Fellow
QLD Node Co-Director (HIRF)
Mr Aswin Narayanan
QLD Informatics Fellow
UQ Radiochemist

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