National Imaging Facility Scientific Symposium 2024

The third annual National Imaging Facility Scientific Symposium will take place on Thursday 8 August 2024 at Customs House in Brisbane and online via Zoom. The event will be hosted by NIF’s Queensland Node Partners, The University of Queensland and Herston Imaging Research Facility.

The NIF Scientific Symposium is part of the NIF Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), which will be held from Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 August 2024. Click here for more information about the NIF ASM.

Join us to hear from experts at the leading edge of imaging application across four key sessions:

SESSION 1: Accessible Imaging: Technology underpinning community outcomes will showcase initiatives helping to democratise imaging technology. The panel will discuss how these innovations have the potential to advance diagnostic processes and elevate patient care in diverse community settings.

SESSION 2: Large Imaging Studies: Lifecycle and Impact brings together leading experts to discuss large impactful cohort studies that are underpinned by NIF expertise and infrastructure, across multiple diseases and modalities. The session will offer a panoramic view of how large-scale imaging research is shaping the future of medical science to enhance patient outcomes.

SESSION 3: Therapeutic and Diagnostic Showcase: Helping to translate innovation to trials, industry and clinic focuses on the critical role of imaging in developing new diagnostics and therapeutics. The panel will discuss translation from innovative research to clinical application, highlighting the collective drive of industry collaborations and clinical trials in advancing healthcare solutions.

SESSION 4: The NIF Community Highlights session will showcase the diverse work of the researchers, collaborators, users, and facility staff within our NIF community, focusing on capability and research highlights from the past year.

Organising Committee:
Prof Katie McMahon
Prof Wojtek Goscinski, Dr Lena Oestreich, Dr Sarah Flaim, Prof Michael Breakspear, Dr Ingrid Burvenich, Dr Ivan Greguric, Mr Peter Bugeia, Ms Angela Walls, Mr Aswin Narayanan and Dr Sara Motamen.

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