University of Melbourne Node

Node Director:

  • A/Prof Leigh Johnston


Facility Fellows:

  • Dr Brad Moffat
  • Mr Rob Williams


Operational participants:


Scope and function:

  • The Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Unit at Parkville has been established as a consequence of the procurement of major funding via the Federal government Education Investment Fund (EIF) and the Victorian State government Victoria’s Science Agenda (VSA) Investment Fund, together with funds provided by the University of Melbourne and FINMH. The Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Unit is led by Professor Roger Ordidge, Chair of Imaging Sciences.


  • Although the Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Unit is based around imaging machines, the consortium places emphasis on being engaged with the scientific community to enable appropriate usage of the technologies. In combination, these advanced imaging technologies will lead to advances in the diagnosis and hopefully, the eventual treatment of a wide range of neurological disorders. This necessitates close collaboration between University of Melbourne scientists and engineers and those in associated institutes, public teaching hospitals, and national and international centres of research excellence.


  • The 7T MRI scanner was installed on the ground floor of the Melbourne Brain Centre at Parkville in March 2014. This will provide unprecedented image quality in human brain imaging that will be used to study both normal and abnormal brains.