Vision & Mission

NIF Vision


A national network of advanced imaging capability to deliver innovation and growth

  • To enable research excellence in imaging via a world-class capability available for all Australian researchers
  • To promote best practice in image acquisition, and data management and analysis
  • Position NIF as the prime source of information for non-imaging scientists
  • Position NIF as the focus of media and public enquiry about imaging technologies

NIF Mission


Provide users with reliable, state-of-the-art technology and highly specialised expertise that deliver advanced imaging solutions

  • To understand the ongoing needs of the scientific community for imaging infrastructure with respect to modality, applications & geography
  • To provide researchers with reliable, state-of-the-art technology, with expertise to ensure world’s best, reproducible data, to solve their problems.
  • To ensure that industry has access to the tools to drive the biotech and advanced manufacturing industries, and grow the economy into the future.
  • To be closer to the “clinical translation” interface, including delivering a national competency in radiotracer development, production and delivery.
  • To create the environment for high quality translation by establishing national accreditation, trusted quality control and assurance, and advanced data management.
  • To lead in developing and implementing the most effective imaging technologies, in diverse environments and ensure the expertise exists for first class research.
  • To identify iconic new investments that constitute a new direction, and ensure Australia remains at the cutting edge.
  • To deliver a continuum of imaging capability from molecule, through small and large animal models to human trials and clinical practice.
  • To develop imaging capability to inform responses to nationally important questions about food supply, best environmental practices and improved industrial processes.
  • To ensure that the next generation is trained to respond to a rapidly changing environment with the skills and the courage to go in new directions.
  • To ensure existing expertise in imaging science is retained.
  • To build on strong international linkages, to make them deeper and wider.