University of Western Sydney – NMR, MRI, and Diffusion Symposium 2015

1:44 am 16 Mar 2015

The University of Western Sydney is proud to announce we will be holding at the Campbelltown Campus;


This symposium will showcase recent theoretical developments and new applications of MRI and NMR Diffusion measurements. It will bring together domestic and international experts on topics ranging from medical applications to the characterisation of porous materials.

The workshop is specifically targeted at individuals who are unfamiliar with the basic concepts of NMR/MRI and their applications to research and industry.

Special guest speakers at the Symposium will include Prof. Peter Basser (National Institute of Health, USA), Prof. Jörg Kärger (Leipzig University, Germany), Dr Kirk Feindel (UWA) & Dr Konstantin Momot (QUT). For the complete list of speakers and topics for the symposium please visit . The website also contains accommodation, registration and transport details.


For more details and registration, please go to:



Date & Venue

31 Mar 2015