Iron Oxide Nanoclusters Incorporated into IronPhthalocyanine as Highly Active Electrocatalysts for theOxygen Reduction Reaction

9:22 am 8 Jan 2018

Published online: August 4, 2017


The authors acknowledge the facilities, and the scientific and technical assistance of Assoc./Prof. Martin Saunders of the National Imaging Facility at the Centre for Microscopy, Characterization & Analysis, the University of Western Australia, a facility funded by the University, State and Commonwealth Governments, as well as the WA X-ray Sur-face Analysis Facility, funded by the Australian Research Council.


Yi Cheng, Ji Liang, Jean-Pierre Veder, Meng Li, Shuangming Chen, Jian Pan, Li Song, Hui-Ming Cheng, Chang Liu, and San Ping Jiang

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