A hypothalamic phosphatase switch coordinates energy expenditure with feeding

12:00 pm 18 Dec 2017

Available online: 1 August 2017


We thank Sunena Bhandari, Tariq Butt, Florian Wiede, Jihane Homman-Ludiye, and Tara Sepehrizadeh for technical assistance, Matthew Watt for reagents, and Herbert Herzog for access to Insrfl/fl mice. This work was supported by the NHMRC of Australia (to T.T., Z.B.A., D.S., M.A.C.), the Diabetes Australia Research Trust (to G.T.D.), and the National Imaging Facility (M.D.).


Garron T.Dodd, Zane B. Andrews, Stephanie E. Simonds, Natalie J. Michael, Michael DeVeer, Jens C. Brüning, David Spanswick, Michael A.Cowley, TonyTiganis129.

• Diurnal changes in hypothalamic TCPTP coordinate feeding with energy expenditure
• Feeding represses hypothalamic TCPTP to increase energy expenditure
• TCPTP inhibits insulin signaling in AgRP neurons to repress energy expenditure
• Insulin signaling in AgRP neurons increases the browning of white fat

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