Electrochemically substituted metal phthalocyanine, e-MPc (M=Co, Ni) as highly active and selective catalysts for CO2 reduction

10:39 am 8 Jan 2018

Available online: 27th December 2017


This research was supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Project Funding Scheme (project number: DP150102044, DP150102025). The authors acknowledge the facilities, and the scientific and technical assistance of the National Imaging Facility at the Centre for Microscopy, Characterization & Analysis, the University of Western
Australia, and the WA X-Ray Surface Analysis Facility, funded by an Australian Research Council LIEF grant (LE120100026), as
well as the NEXAFS measurements performed on the soft X-ray beam line at the Australian Synchrotron, Victoria, Australia.


Yi Cheng , Jean-Pierre Veder , Lars Thomsen , Shiyong Zhao , Martin Saunders , Raffaella Demichelis , Chang Liu , Roland De Marco and San Ping Jiang

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