Vevo2100 Ultrasound

Our Vevo770 was upgraded to Vevo2100 late 2014. The system now has increased functionality, flexibility and imaging quality. The high frequency ultrasound can be used for cardiovascular studies, tumour imaging and volumetric calculations, and contrast enhanced imaging with microbubbles. The new solid-state array transducers allows higher frame-rate acquisitions (up to 740fps), a resolution down to 30 micron and wider field of view. The main acquisition packages are:

Color Power Doppler Modes for blood flow quantification & anatomical identification

M-Mode single line acquisition allowing high-temporal resolution for LV functional analysis

Anatomical M-Mode for adjustable anatomical orientation in reconstructed M-Mode imaging

3D-Mode Imaging & Volume Analysis

Nonlinear Contrast Imaging

VevoStrain™ Analysis software for cardiac research

Advanced measurements & quantification

NIF Nodes

New South Wales

Imaging Types