Human 3T MRI

Human imaging facilities at the Florey node include two 3 tesla human MRI scanners dedicated to research. A Siemens TRIO – a 60cm bore MRI scanner and a Siemens Skyra – a 70cm bore MRI scanner, are utilised with dedicated head coils to enable internationally competitive research involving advanced anatomical imaging studies, functional MRI (fMRI), MR Spectroscopy (MRS), perfusion MRI, and diffusion MRI. A wide selection of head coils are available, including single-channel transmit-receive up to 64 channel receive. The state of the art scanners are also equipped with specialised MRI coils for body & extremity imaging studies.


Functional MRI (fMRI) paradigm delivery

The facility is equipped with a range of stimulus delivery and monitoring options including button boxes, LCD presentation screens, headphones and microphone. Dedicated stimulus delivery computers are available with Presentation software installed.


Simultaneous fMRI and EEG recording

A Brain Products BrainAmp MR compatible EEG system is utilised together with world-leading technology developed at the Florey to measure and remove motion and residual gradient artefact from the recorded EEG.


Mock scanner

A full-scale model Siemens MRI scanner is available for participant training and familiarisation in a zero tesla environment.