Whether it is industrial processes, understanding human neural responses, or visualising brain structure and function in laboratory or native animals, imaging is an important tool. Anyone in the research community is aware that there has been a marked emphasis on impact. Research needs new discovery, as the driver of future development, but we also need to look for ways to reach out to the community and find out how that discovery can make a difference, be it economic, better health, environmental protection, or better quality of life; the NIF team is looking at what is needed to drive impact.


Without the advanced imaging facilities supported by NIF, this project and a lot of other important and world-leading research would not be possible in Australia. These facilities give us a competitive edge that allows us to attract research investment from the USA and from international industry partners

Prof Christopher Rowe
Prof Christopher Rowe
Austin Health, 2017

I would absolutely recommend NIF services and resources to other researchers in my field. My overall experience was very positive, and I think these services could offer similar benefits to a breadth of researchers. The provided resources and expertise were not available anywhere else in the world, nor was there any substitute that could offer comparable support and capability.

Mr Dennis Dimond
Mr Dennis Dimond
PhD Candidate, University of Calgary
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