Western Sydney University Node

Node Director:

  • Prof William S. Price


Facility Fellows:

  • Dr Tim Stait-Gardner


Operational participants:


Scope and function:

Western Sydney University (WSU) contributes time to NIF on their 11.7 T and 14.1 T Bruker spectrometers, as well as their Quantum GX MicroCT at the Campbelltown campus. These instruments are located adjacent to PC2 facilities and have access to a large animal house, which are available to NIF users of the imaging facilities.

Provisions exist for conducting imaging of small animals under anaesthesia in a specialised live animal imaging probe with ancillary respiratory monitoring equipment and cardiac gating.


In addition to 1H, the node is also able to conduct magnetic resonance imaging using unusual nuclei such as 13C, 19F, 23Na and 31P.


This node has particular expertise in diffusion MRI – both conventional (i.e. k-space) and q-space (i.e., diffusion based) methods and interpretation.


The NCRIS funded Facility Fellow (1.0 FTE) is engaged to provide assistance in the design, execution and interpretation of experiments to researchers wishing to access the infrastructure.