Vision & Mission

Specifically, the NIF will provide:

  • Access to molecular imaging instrumentation, including a range of MRI and PET scanners;
  • Access to other live animal imaging equipment including bioluminescence, microCT, ultrasound and intravital microscopy;
  • Development and validation of novel biomarkers/radioligands for in-vivo imaging using PET and MRI;
  • Development and application of stable isotope-labelled analogues to new radio-ligands;
  • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, coil design and pulse sequence development;
  • Application of these new technologies in large-scale trials in animal models of disease;
  • Bio-mathematical modelling of tracer kinetic data and integration of the high-dimensional data in a dedicated neuroinformatics system;
  • The creation of databases of normative data, and a common platform of base data; and
  • Links to existing national infrastructure for ultra-structural imaging and measurement technologies through the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility.