Director’s Message

Director’s Message


Prof Graham Galloway

Director of Operations

What is NCRIS? Those of us within the program have our own ideas, and they are all valid. They are about providing research capability to the Australian research community, but each of us tells the story in a different way. At the recent NCRIS Capabilities Forum, the Capabilities worked with the Research and Higher Education Infrastructure Branch to develop a consistent and concise message.

1) NCRIS delivers world class research facilities so that Australian researchers can solve complex problems both here in Australia and around the globe.

2) NCRIS is the most efficient and strategic way to invest in national scale research infrastructure, driving collaboration to bring economic, environmental, health and social benefits for Australia

What more do I need to say? Except to confirm that NIF is committed to these ideas. Read about NIF in this Newsletter. New infrastructure, ready for you to use. Novel research, to tell you how NIF is contributing to solving these research problems, and give you ideas, about how NIF can help solve your research problems. Outreach, to the research community, and beyond.

The NCRIS Showcase, in the midst of government, demonstrated how NCRIS is delivering world class research capability, and how it is driving collaboration. Politicians, industry and public saw the breadth and depth of NCRIS. But more than that, NCRIS provides opportunities for stakeholders and users to put the different Capabilities into a context of coordinated activity, with linkages between the Capabilities, driving new collaborations.

NCRIS was established as 16 Capabilities, providing world class facilities and it has delivered on that mandate. NCRIS has developed into a family of 27 Capabilities, working together to tackle complex problems that cross the boundaries of scientific disciplines, delivering an efficient and strategic investment for the future of Australia. In 2015, we will demonstrate how NIF can help you cross those boundaries, as we highlight opportunities to go beyond NIF, and join the much bigger NCRIS family.

As we look back on the successes of 2014, and ponder the challenges ahead, I wish you all a very joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year.


30 Aug 2014