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 7T MRI Whole Body 16.4T MRI Small Animal 9.4T MRI Small Animal MR/PET Small Animal PET/CT Small Animal 3T MRI Whole Body 9.4T MRI Small Animal (1H cryo) 7T MRI Small Animal only (w/o PET) 4T MRI Whole Body

 Radiochemistry Hot Cells PET Small Animal & Primate Brain PET/CT Small Animal Beta Microprobe Image Analysis & Biomodelling Lab CT Small Animal PET/SPECT/CT Small Animal 3T MRI Whole Body Biodistribution Lab

 3T MRI Whole Body Maestro Cri Faxitron X-Ray Inveon MicroCT 9.4T MRI Small Animal IVIS Lumina Live Imaging 3i VIVO Intravital Microscope Vevo 770 Ultrasound Microimaging Inveon MicroPET

 11.7T MRI Small Animal 7T MRI Small Animal

 4.7T MRI Small Animal

 9.4T MRI Small Animal Preclinical PET/SPECT/CT

 3T MRI Whole Body 316 channel MEG

 1.5T MRI Whole Body Angiography suite/Image Intensifier Hologic Dual X-Ray Absorptiometer CT Scanning


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Please contact the relevant person from the table below on how to obtain ethics approval for research conducted at each node.

Node Contact Position Email
University of Qld Dr Gary Cowin Facility Fellow
University of NSW Dr Michael Green Facility Fellow
University of Sydney Dr Will Ryder PTO
University of Western Sydney Dr Tim Stait-Gardner Facility Fellow
The Florey Neuroscience Institutes Dr Hong Wang Facility Fellow
Monash University Prof Gary Egan Node Director
Swinburne University of Technology Dr William Woods Facility Fellow
Large Animal & Research Imaging Facility Dr Tim Kuchel Node Director

*Each applicant will be contacted via email within 2-4 weeks of application submission.